Friday, 20 July 2012

Wendy's World - Couture Creations Doily Dies

This week Wendy will "wow" you again with the projects done with Couture Creations Doily Dies. You will want all of them so do not wait too long and make sure you will get them here.
Another useful tip when using these dies....make sure you use a piece of cardstock as a shim to pad up your sandwich of plates when using these dies. The extra thickness will make sure that each cut is crisp and clean.
The thickness of shim that you use may vary dependant upon the Cutting Machine that you are using and the card or paper from which you are cutting the image.
It is best to place waxed paper, shiny side down on the die to act as a release agent. Place the cardstock on the top of the wax paper. Simply tap the die to release the cut out image.

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