Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Love My Cricut

To cut the Cricut craft vinyl on your cricut put the blade depth at 4 and pressure one back from maximum. This setting is called a kiss cut it will only cut through the vinyl and not the backing paper. I brayer my vinyl with the backing still on to my cricut board. The
  is cut from Cricut Home Decore

Now carefully roll the cut item off the backing sheet as you apply it to your chosen item. You need to be sure all the little cut out pieces stay on the backing sheet you will use those for glass etching in the next step. 

The finished item

 Now for the Glass etching
This is what I have left after using the cut out.

Apply masking tape or transfer tape over the piece as shown.

Very carefully remove the backing sheet from the vinyl and maksing tape piece. Make sure that every little piece of the vinyl stays on the masking tape and the backing sheet comes away clean.

Now apply to your chosen glass surface. Slowly remove the masking tape. Making sure to leave every little cut out piece of the vinyl on the glass

Now apply the glass etching paste making sure to wear gloves and rinse tools well in water when you are done.

The finished item.

I have also cut fabric to decorate a cushion
You have to try this. Use Heat and Bond from Spotlight ironed onto the back of your fabric. Brayer it onto your cricut mat and cut. Iron finished piece onto your chosen surface.

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  1. Great tutorial Wendy. I must get me some of that vinyl and the glass etching cream!