Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Did you know?


Did you know you can use a Cricut Imagine cartridge on an Expression 2 machine?
Yes, Expression 2 machine is designed to use the smaller Imagine cartridges, so the Expression 2 
CAN ONLY CUT OUT the outline of each image. 
Although the Expression 2 will NOT BE ABLE to print any of the imagine pattern papers that come 
with each cartridge but there are still tons of options in using these cartridges.

Her are few steps I want to point out on finding the layers when using a Imagine cartridge.

Step 1- Select Image Gallery.

Step 2- Use your finger to scroll (touch LCD screen and move finger across the screen) through the images till you find an image you want to cut.

Step 3- To select the image press on the pencil image that is up in the left hand corner.

Step 4- Now you are in the editing area of your image. Notice the two buttons in the bottom corner of the screen.
The left button will cut the image without the layers. The right button will cut all the different layers individually.  Press the right button to cut the shape top part.

Step 5- Next, select the image size. 
The size button has a square with an arrow in it (see photo). 
Use the plus or minus buttons to adjust the image to the desired size.
Press save twice (button is the last button on the right hand side).

Step 6- Press the home button to see your images on the LCD cutting mat. 
There should be two images on the mat.

Step 7- Load the mat and cut out the images.
If you want the cupcake top to be a different color then delete the card image from the LCD screen by touching the image and then press the red minus button.
Step 8- Unload and pull the die cuts off the mat, then glue the image together.

Tips for using Cricut Imagine Cartridges:

•When looking through the hand book notice the fold lines for any envelope or box. 
•After cutting out an image, envelope, or box use a bone folder and a ruler to score the folding lines. 
Then assemble the image.
•Remember that the Cricut will only cut the outside lines.
•The Expression 2 can cut any cards, envelops, and letters easily.
•Check each image to see if there are layers so paper isn't wasted.
•If there are only a few of the layers that you want to cut, simply delete these images from the cutting mat on
 the LCD screen before loading paper and cutting the project.

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