Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ou Pinkysil & Easycast Resin is back in our store...

Moulding and casting have been around for thousands of years but only in the 20th century .
The theory of three dimensional reproduction is far from rocket science and some basic arithmetic and a steady hand are all it really takes to generate copies of objects.

Pinkysil is a two-component, addition curing, low viscosity silicone designed for taking very fast impressions. It is ideally suited to and is the product of choice for fast set moulds where a free flowing product is required and when time factors are an issue. Skin safe.

Fast setting, with 6 min worktime, and 15 minutes for demolding, Pinkysil can be used for body casting, as well as copying any small detailed item. The rubber catches extremely fine detail and cures to a solid consistency, with 400% elastic distortion at the tear. The colour is of course bubble-gum pink.
Pinkysil has proven to be a favourite for those artists working on miniature sculptures i.e model houses, cars, planes etc.  The silicone is measured in equal parts before mixing and pouring.
Some small molds have been made with less than 50gm of Pinkysil.

Hand in hand  Easycast Resin, aptly named as it is truly free of mess and fiddling. 

No pre-heating the mould, no talcum-powdering the mould to encourage bubbles to move away from the surface, in fact very few bubbles in evidence at all. Mix by volume in a measuring cup, stir with any type of stick, and after about forty seconds the exothermic property makes itself felt. 

If you are not completely convinced by this product, please have a look at Wendy's World video:

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