Friday, 22 February 2013

Say Docrafts...

Pages and pages of linked Projects and things you can create using the highly attractive DoCrafts Creativity Range fresh out of the United Kingdom

With fabulous designers and Designs the links on this magazine take you back to the DoCrafts Website, giving you great ideas direct from the Creation Team of DoCrafts.

Full "All you Need" lists are also available and the modern use of QPR Reader codes bring you right up to speed .

90 Pages of stylish design and creativity but wait there is more...

With each issue of the Feb-March 2013 you will get. Free of Charge a 9 piece Chronology Clear Stamp set.Value...around $11.99 each!

We have tried to picture this set as best we can, but its a real collectors item, and worth more than the full retail price of the Magazine in any case!!

This Chronolgy Stamp Set is never sold, only supplied with the magazine.
Have a look at Winsome's Docraft launch video and you will see what we mean!!

Get yours now HERE!

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