Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another entry for the blog contest from Shelley Bourke

Shelley has been having lots of fun with the Pinkysil and easycast.
In Shelley's words:
One of my recent purchases was the Pinkysil & Easycast. Today I put aside household chores, grandchildren :-( , & cooking etc etc and went to it 'for me'.
And what a fun time I had. I had spent some time prior sourcing flat bottomed containers and items of interest for casting.- have decided that nothing is flat! So to get started I selected objects from my stash , from a local emporium and from my nieces bead shop in Auckland. Shanks on nice buttons were removed with a sharp craft knife. Items which werent flat bottomed were built/moulded with blue tack - great stuff! Also good for adhering to the moulding container. My biggest challenge was suitable containers with flat bottoms - as mentioned earlier nothing seems flat! I used mini muffin tray, kids plastic building cups,mini bead containers, plastic lids.
Tip - use round not square. Square is not economical.
Tip - Dont use the lovely flat silicone cup cake moulds - silicone on silicone doesnt work so well!
I discovered that the finished mould is easily trimmed with scissors or sharp craft tool, and same for the finished cast.
I discovered that this is such a fun & rewarding exercise.
Next step - colouring - looking forward to that.

Wow Shelley these are amazing and thank you so much for sharing and giving us some tips as well.

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