Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kays Kaisercraft cupboard Inspiration

Kay has done some wonderful creations for the store in recent weeks.  They are stunning!
Today she is going to share how she created a beautiful storage cupboard by Kaisercraft.
Here are the items used in the project:

The first step is to paint the edges of the pieces of the cupboard.

The next step is cutting and matching the paper for the rear of the cupboard

Marking the arch line to cut the paper to size

Marking the bottom edge of the rear of the cupboard to cut to size

Now ink the edges of the cut pieces other than where it joins in the middle.

Now adhere the paper to the rear of the cupboard

Now measure cut and adhere paper to the sides of the cupboard.
 Take note that when covering the internal sides that you will have to snip and remove the paper where there are slots in the cupboard. Also measure and cut papers for the doors of the cupboard.

If you decide to add a little flair and flourish to your doors there are lots of lovely Kaisercraft embellishments available instore. Paint these using matching tones and define edges with ink.

After painting and inking the edges of these glue coordinating paper behind them before adhereing to the doors

 When assembling the draws, glue along the edges, then bring the edges together.

 Secure edges with elastic or hair bands to keep the edges in place and allow the glue to dry before proceeding to cover the drawers.

Assemble the cupboard using strong adhesive
When assembling is complete place some heavy cans on the cupboard until the glue sets.

The rear view. You can maybe see where I have joined the paper so its worth keeping this in mind when selecting your own paper.
 You can see where I added a strip of paper to conceal the join just above the top shelf on the inside where its not noticable

A side view
 using some mini hinges I have in my stash -
Kaiser Mini Hinges FL409 could be used.

The finished product - it is quite suprising how many items can fit into the cupboard.

 You can see here that I have used kaiser treasures metal label pulls TM806 for the handles which I have placed a coordinating paper inside.

Items that I have used for the kaisercraft storage cupboard
Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish Mini Hinges FL409
        Kaisertreasures Metal Label Pulls Brass TM806
        Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish Frames FL305 ( Check Out Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish Decorative Door Frames FL529 and , These Would Look Great Also.)
        Blending tool with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Ink Pad
 Craft Medley Premium Craft Glue
        Kaisercolour Paint - Sage with White and Cream From My Stash.
        Scissors, Ruler and Pencil
The paper I used a selection from both The Kaisercraft 75cents and Base Coat Range
        1x Sixpence P1043 (75 Cents Range) for the internal doors.
        1x Penny P1040 (75 Cents Range) for the external doors.
        2x Farthing P1041 (75 Cents Range) for the inside rear, draw fronts and inside the wooden flourishes
        2x Distressed P1061 (Base Coat Range) for the external rear.
        2.5x Weathered P1060 (Base Coat Range) for the internal, external sides and lower plynth.
        2x Concrete P1063 (Base Coat Range) for the two inner shelves plus the casing for the draws and the very top shelf, however I painted the undersides.
Papers will be back in stock soon!
I  then used all the pieces of paper left over to cover the inner and outer sides of the draws and their bases.
 Thanks for looking

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  1. This is fantastic, love the colour palette.