Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cool Crafty Effect With Eggshell

Here is something interesting I found. 
What do you need for this? 

- Eggshell
Distress Ink Paint (of your choice)
- Surface of your choice (can be almost anything...on the show, they decorate a flower vase, so pick your thing)
- And some music or show to watch while you carft of course, just to make you more happy...ahah I can already see a smile on your face! 

1. First thing first and quite obvious you need to was your eggshell and take off the thin skin on the inside. To easily wash it, just it them under water for about 10 minutes.

2. Once you have nice cleaned eggshell, simply put some glue on it and then crack the eggshell and push it to cracked more on glued surface. How cool is that? 

3.  When you're done, it has to look like this...if is not, don't worry...this is art, and you can make it the way you want.

4. Then it is the most fun part, you just paint that surface as you want and the way you want it!

5. Of course this is a cool idea for the cover of an album so in this case, you might want to use our really cool Zutter Bind-It-All machine!

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