Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Docrafts With Lots of Love By Rebecca James

Scottie Crafters, 

YAY!!!! The NEW Docrafts Issue August/September is on the way and you can already pre-order the magazine now and all the new ranges on our website HERE.

So to give you a good start with the NEW Docrafts Issue August/September, I found a really cool project made by Rebecca James using the range Tilly Daydream from the new Docrafts magazine. 

You like this project? If you do like I is a list of what you will need from Docrafts products that you would be able to find on our website HERE.

- 12 x 12" Solid Premium Cardstock Colossal (75pcs) - Capsule
- Adhesive Stones (104pcs) - Red


Here are the steps to create this project:

1. Trim hexagon fabric paper to measure 14x14cm. Ink and rough up the edges and layer onto brown cardstock. Ink and distress.

2. Lightly ink the jumbo ric rac and wrap around the bottom part of the card. Warp pink Tilly ribbon over followed by several lengths of Baker’s Twine. Adhere this panel onto the front of a 6x6” card blank.

3. Ink and distress the edges of the Tilly topper and adhere to brown cardstock measuring 10.75 x 10.75cm. Wrap a couple of lengths of patterned craft tape to the right hand side as shown and adhere to the left of the card using 3D foam pads.

4. Add a large ribbon bow from the Christmas in the Country collection to the top left of the topper and arrange the tails of the bow tastefully before gluing the ends in place. Add a mini cardstock embellishment on top.

5. Ink and distress the edges of a sentiment label and add to the bottom left of the topper using 3D foam pads.

6. Layer a fabric brad onto the Embroidery Shape and top off with a button. Position to the bottom right of the topper.

7. Accent the card, including Tilly’s hair-bow with red adhesive stones.

8. Sparingly apply iridescent glitter glue to the edges of the layers using your finger to ensure not too much is applied.

Enjoy crafting...and don't forget, always put a really good music on while you are crafting! :) 

Source: Docrafts

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