Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pocket Scrapbooking - Blank Journal Card pfffjazzled (new word - made that up!)

Pocket Scrapbooking with Blank Journal Cards

I know it kind of goes against the whole grain of the pocket scrapbooking ethos, to decorate your own journal cards. It kind of is putting the work back into something which is designed to take some of the work out of scrapbooking for those like myself who have zilch time. However I must confess to feeling excited when I saw that Blank Journal cards were available. In my last pocket project you saw I altered a ready-made card from the colours of it's theme to suit my spread. This time I have been able to totally make my own creation for a journal card and as a little mini project in itself just making the card was quite fun!

Blank Journal Cards from Becky Higgins Project Life.

Miss Crafter's journal and pencil case in the grass.
I started this journey in the grass outside my son's piano lesson where I have to wait for 45 mins and hence there is time to craft and no excuse not to. I bought along my pens and journal and some blank journal cards to decorate. This was my first experiement and imagine my dissapointment when I discovered my mini mister was missing from my pencil case! How was I going to wet the distress marker marks and get a lovely Tim Holtz effect? The school drinking fountain of course! The other mums may have thought I was nuts but who cares.

Wetting journal card distress ink with school fountain.

Using a Tim Holtz, Ranger stencil to add a layer of distress paint.
This stencil by Tim Holtz is called Schoolhouse and it's a good flexible one because it has alphabet and numbers.

Using the Scotties Pink heat gun to dry my stencilled paint.

Add ink to a Mini Mister using an eyedropper.

Couture Creations finger dauber adding distress ink.
Using another Tim Holtz stencil with the ink sprayed from a mister.
This stencil from Tim Holtz is called Dot Fade.

Finishing touches. Couture Creations stamps and Archival Ink.