Sunday, 14 August 2011

August challenge

Here is Augusts Challenge.
Link your layout/creation to Mr Linky in the sidebar by midnight the 15th of September 2011.

Lets start with colour. Check out this site and pick a colour palette to create your LO from. It doesn't have to be the exact colours, that would be too hard, close enough is ok.

Next pick a designer that inspires you. You could chose someone from my blog. Look under 'So Inspired By' in my sidebar. Find someones style that inspires you from there or you may already have someone elses style you love in mind. I love Jennifer Johners style. I find it quite unique and relaxed. I love her photo placement and use of random elements around the page.

So here is the colour palette I chose.

And here is my LO. Obviously depending on the light when photographing your LO, the colours could look different, but you get the general idea of the colours used.

If you find this too easy and want an extra challenge, try using all patterned papers, except for the matting of your photo. And/or you could try using paint on your LO. You could also try a mix of lower and upper case letters in your title.

But the main part of this challenge is to pick a colour scheme and a designer to inspire your LO.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your creations.



  1. that's a beautiful palette Lianne, and stunning LO to match :) just wondering what is the deadline? I've been watching here ...but not sure I've seen a challenge here before :)

  2. Great! well I've just linked my wee entry..I've used the Sushi Hues using G45 Once Upon a Springtime pps & colours. Thanks for the challenge Adrienne & Lianne and all the team xxxx