Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tote by Michelle

When we create, well when I create, I do try and make things that can be actually used as a gift or keepsake for others.

I came across a website recently that has templates for sale and so I made a small investment in a couple of templates.

One of the templates was what they call a tool tote and I can see this one being made up many times for gifting purposes.    So many ideas going through my head and coming up to that time of the year, or even for birthday gifts ... how cool would this be filled with two little mini plants, some crafting goodies, some small toiletries, some Christmas candy treats ... endless possibilities really.  

I’m sure teachers would love to receive one of these as well for those of you who include your children’s teachers on your Christmas giving list.

The girls at Scottie Crafts have a fabulous scoring tray tool in the shop ... a must have which makes scoring cardstock and papers easy peasy.  The scoring tool makes life a whole lot easier when you are making one of these.

And wait for it ... another one of those bows ... ooh-la-la ... still loving the bows!

Whilst this particular tote is a little light in the embellishment department [not like me at all] .... I’ve got big plans – well in my head I have.

Have fun creating everyone.
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz]

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