Friday, 26 April 2013

Ice Resin By Wendy

 I've been playing!! Cant wait for the Spellbinders Media mixage Bezels to arrive but in the mean time here goes...

With Spellbinders Gold Circles One 54-390 I cut and embossed a piece of the engraving art board. Then lightly sanded it.

I added red pearls, I also painted a resin rose with Black Soot Distress paints and applied a little gold perfect pearls.

I put the piece into my mould and added the Ice Resin to almost cover making sure to pour over the rose so that it receives a coating of the resin even through it is above the surface on the finished piece. Oh I also added one of Tims Words from the Chitchat TH92998 range.

Here is my finished piece.

This is my next piece.
This is the one I will complete on my video on Wendys World
I made an easycast resin frame then I painted it.

With my finger I added touches of the perfect pearl to the raised spots while the paint was still sightly damp.

Yum old metal.

I sealed my picture front and back with a coat of Studio matte.

I stuck my picture to the back of my resin frame with the Studio matte.

I burnished some clear packing tape onto the back of the piece to prevent the resin from leaking out.
Piece number three...
Another painted easycast resin frame.

I used a metal foil take to seal the back after adding my picture in the previous piece. I added my chosen treasures which included beads Tim Holtz film strip, Tim Holtz Spinners and word. Then I poured the Ice Resin and left to set.

The finished piece. I'm loving this.

Lay all your pieces on a shopping bag in case they leak. I usually have a few pieces ready to go.

This piece was made in Tim Holtz clock face packaging and the excess cut away.

Any left over resin pour over text paper and spread over the surface on both sides, leave it on your craft sheet for transparent resin paper.

I even tried a leaf out of my garden.
Resin paper

Thanks for following.

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  1. interesting techniques Wendy. You've done some amazing pieces.