Saturday, 16 November 2013

Desk Calendar - By Kimi

Hello everyone.  Today I am going to try and bring you all a bit of a tutorial. I am not that great with them so bear with me.  We are going to be creating a desk calendar!!  Now for mine I have used this Kaisercraft wooden album cover that I have had in my stash for a few years.  However, you could use whatever you have.  A piece of corrugated cardboard cut to size or even an old hard book cover.

As you can see from the pics I am going to give my wooden covers a coat of Kaisercraft Acrylic paint in Antique White....this creamy off white was a perfect match for the Tea Break collection.  I have inked up the edges with some Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distress ink. I got hubby to drill a couple of holes in the top to help me join or bind the two pieces together.

I have cut strips to fit my base from Custard Cream and Orange Slice. There are no set measurements for this project.  They will all depend on the size of your calendar base.  Mine measures approximately 7" x 3 1/2".

I have distressed all the edges of my papers using just a pair of scissors.  I love this look! It really shabby's up the papers and softens the project.  I then adhered my layers to the wooden base.

Using the American Crafts ribbon I have created "support straps" to help keep the bottom open.  I am not really sure what to call them???  My straps measured about 6" long and I then cut them to size.  I wrapped them through the slots and glued them into place with some craft glue after trimming off the excess ribbon.

Once the ribbons were all in place I adhered down the "Custard Cream" layers.  I also downloaded a printable "vintage" looking calendar from Crafty Secrets.  I printed these out on parchment paper and then cut them up with my patterned edge scissors and inked the edges with Tim Holtz Tea Dye and Victorian Velvet Distress Inks.

I then hot glued the miniature clip to the calendar so that my pages can be changed every year.

Once the construction part was done, then it was time to embellish and decorate. Sooo out came all the goodies :)

annnnnddddd this is where I get immersed in the decorating and forget to take pics....sorry guys 
........but here is how it all came together

and here are the glamour shots ;) 

Well readers that is my tutorial.  I hope you have a go at making one!! If you do, please share your take on this super cute calendar with me.  I would love to see it.
much love and blessings to you all

.....✿ღ.~♥  Live your Bliss ♥~ღ.✿


  1. Hi Kimi
    I think you do marvellously with yours tut's the calendar looks wonderful and I love the ' Glamour Shots' may have to use this description myself!

  2. It's really beautiful Kimi. The embellishments are stunning, I might do this for a friend for her Christmas present. Just lovely

  3. Love this Kimi and the papers are drool worthy. You are the bomb - diggerty at OTP clever :) xx